Committee Structure and Dates for Meetings

                           DATES FOR FGB AND COMMITTEE MEETINGS 2022/2023


14 September 2022 FGB

14 October 2022 Curriculum and Learning

18 November 2022 Resources and Finance

18 January 2023 FGB

24 February 2023 Curriculum and Learning

24 March 2023 Resources and Finance

26 April 2023 FGB

19 May 2023 Curriculum and Learning

7 July 2023 Resources and Finance


                                             COMMITTEE STRUCTURE

 All governors attend the termly FGB meetings. Committee members are as follows although all governors are welcome to attend.

Curriculum and Learning                                 Resources and Finance

Cassie Puplett                                                    Cassie Puplett

Cameron Turner (Chair)                                   Caroline Henry (Chair)

Holly Barradell                                                    Paul Cook

Sue Darney                                                        Katie Montgomery

James Kearns                                                    Laura Plumadore

                                                                     Lucy Longley 


                                       CLASS SUPPORT GOVERNORS

Each year has a Class Support Governor: 

Nursery: Paul Cook                                            Reception: James Kearns

Year 1: Laura Plumadore                                    Year 2: Katie Montgomery

Year 3: Holly Barradell                                       Year 4: Sue Darney

Year 5: Caroline Henry                                Year 6: Cameron Turner