Design and Technology enables pupils to develop creativity and draw upon a variety of curricular subjects to provide solutions to real life problems. As pupils progress through the art and design curriculum, they will develop the creative, technical and practical expertise needed to perform everyday tasks confidently and to participate successfully in an increasingly technological world.

In Key Stage 1, pupils will work within a familiar environment to design a variety of products using a range of technology. Working both as individuals as well as within teams, pupils will consider requirements to bring products to fruition and experience using a variety of design tools and media. Pupils will then critique, evaluate and test their ideas and the impact of their creations.

Throughout Key Stage 2, pupils will continue to build upon the key skills developed in Key Stage 1. Moving from the design stage of developing innovative, functional, appealing products fit for purpose, to the making stage using a wider variety of tools and skills and culminating with the evaluation stage where products are investigated and analysed against design criteria as well as considering wider implications for real life use of these products within the wider world.

Cooking and nutrition are also taught within design and technology across both Key Stage 1 and 2. This includes learning about a healthy and varied diet, the principles behind food preparation, managing a budget and knowing where and how a variety of ingredients are grown, reared, caught and processed.