House Captains




Teddie - 6S

Hello my name is Teddie and I would like to be your house captain because I thought it would be great to do something I’ve never done before: to stand up and talk to a crowd. I will be a respectful to the other house captains and pupils in all the houses, incuding mine – Ash!

So please vote for me.

Daisy - 6B

Hi, I’m Daisy Jackson, I’m ten years old and next year I would love to be Ash’s  house captain.

I think I would make a good captain because I’m really friendly and listen to other people’s ideas. If you have a sensible suggestion about how to make the school even better you could come and tell me and I would do my best to make it happen.

For instance, I think it would be great if we could have more MUFTI days and days when normal rules don’t apply, like a day to bring your pets in or mad hair day.

The school is already great but there is always room for improvement and that is why I would love to be your house captain.

Thank you for listening and vote for me – you will not regret it!


Cameron - 6S

Hi guys!

I am Cameron, I would love to be your house captain. I have had experience with other jobs such as school council in Y3 and I have also been a learning architect. Anyway, I think I would be great house captain as I would hopefully make more school discos and special days; I would also like to make sure everyone is OK with their learning and help people that struggle in any subject. I love to make learning fun and happy and so everyone can take part in it. I would try to make our team Beech even better. I would also like to have a trouble box, a suggestion box or a worry box so people can tell me their problems or suggestions so I can try to make them happy and the school an even better place. Also I could try to make your suggestions come to life by using them to help the school – no silly comment please!

Thank you so much for listening to me!

Vote for me! 

Summer - 6S

Hello I am Summer, as you know I am currently School Council and I am wanting to step up my game and have a bigger challenge. I will do my job properly and do my best at everything. I will also support anyone who is upset or lonely.

As you know I have a sister with Down’s Syndrome and autism, so I would love to raise awareness for children who are going through similar things.

Thanks for listening.

Summer, over and out!


Leo - 6S

Hi, I’m Leo and I would love to be house captain for Oak. Why pick me? I’m good at getting house points myself, I’m fun and have a good celebration idea for when we win, I love winning but know that trying your best is the most important thing.

If I am house captain I would encourage other house members to try harder, to impress the teachers and do a little more with school work. There are 100 of us in Oak and if we all get one more house point every week then that is 400 points every month. Points mean prizes!

Leo for captain!

Holly - 6S

I would love to be the house captain for Oak because I work great in a team, I will work hard with anyone and I put 120% effort into my learning. If you elect me I will make the school even better. I always use the 3 Rs and the Big 5. So please choose me! Thank you.



Kieran - 6S

My name is Kieran and I would like you to vote for me as I will answer all the questions you ask me. I’m very sporty and will be a great leader for our house. I love helping people with their learning and I will help anyone with anything; just come and ask me what you might be struggling with and I’ll do my best to support you.

Please pick me and I’ll lead us to victory!

Izzy - 6B

Hi there, for those who don’t know me, my name is Izzy and I am currently in Year 5. This school has taught me a lot about myself and things I didn’t know before so want to give something back and help others out.  I am a very approachable and friendly person and that is something very important if you want to be house captain. In addition, I am also willing to try my best at everything I do even if it is something that I don’t like. I would listen to all your ideas and try to make them happen. So please vote for me and we will have a great victory: I will try to make us the winning house. Lingfield Primary School is a good school and we can make it great.

Thank you and remember to vote for me. I know you want to!