'Pupils recognise the ways in which they are challenged and supported. They feel confident that they are making good progress.' Ofsted Quote 2017

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Learning at Lingfield Primary School is underpinned by a sound knowledge of how children think and learn. Staff, within all aspects of school life, share in the belief that our main aim is to foster respect, resilience and positive relationships through a challenging and inspiring curriculum which results in children moving on from Lingfield as responsible citizens set up for a love of lifelong learning.

As a teaching school, we are committed to the professional development of all members of staff. We believe that learning is a continuous journey which begins at home. Parents are the first educators in a child’s life and our professional responsibility is to build on these foundations by providing a curriculum that is: broad and balanced; meets the needs of all children and promotes the values of a British school in the 21st century.

Our school community of children, parents, staff and governors work in partnership to inspire all children to realise their full potential. We aim for us all, as learners, to:

Be well balanced, healthy individuals, who feel safe and valued as part of a caring community that celebrates success.

Develop into happy and confident individuals with a secure foundation in learning that will last throughout our lives.

Value and understand religious and moral beliefs and develop a respect and tolerance for the views of others.

Be confident enough to take risks in our learning.

Be independent thinkers who are able to seek solutions creatively and co-operatively.

Experience and actively participate in an enjoyable and challenging curriculum with high expectations for all.

Be able to listen to others and articulate our own responses in order to share and develop learning.

To this aim, we have developed our Contexts for Learning; a cross-curricular planning tool that pulls together the individual National Curriculum subjects under one, cohesive umbrella.

Underpinning Contexts for Learning, are our whole school curriculum drivers known as, The BIG 5 - values, partnership, rigour, creativity and purpose.  We  believe that these principles are fundamental in providing children with a rich, exciting, broad and balanced curriculum.  As a school, we reflect this learning culture within classroom practice; through outstanding displays; whole school and class collective worship; across a wide range of extra-curricular activities and through pupil voice and communication with parents.