"I like learning new languages" - Charlie, Y6



Where should I collect my child from when their club has finished?
The collection point for all clubs is the main children’s entrance. Please wait outside the main doors for a member of staff to allow access to all parents at the appropriate time.

How do I know if my child’s club has been cancelled?
Where we know in advance that a club will need to be cancelled (i.e. Parents’ Evenings), your child will be informed by the club organiser the week before.

In the case of bad weather, it is usual for the children to remain at school until the finish time for the club. Occasionally, it may be that we have to send children home, in which case we will send a message out using the school app.  The school app is a free app and is available from your app store search for Lingfield Primary School, you will recognise our school logo.

My child has now decided that they would like to take part in a club. Can I add their name to the list?
We try to offer places to all the children that would like to take part in a club.  In the first instance please contact the school office, if there are places available they will add your child's to the list for that club.  If a club is full we will do our best to find additional staff so that everyone can be accommodated.

Where do I collect my child at the end of their club?
The collection point is outside the Main Children’s Entrance.