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Thursday 3rd September 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

We've had a very successful and happy day today at school. It was a joy to see all the children - they were really excited to be back.  

 A few points to make the beginning and end of the day run even more smoothly: 

  1. Can we please have one adult only on site picking up
  2. Please move away promptly when you have collected your child/children
  3. Try your best to arrive at the allocated time for your year groups: Y1 - 3:15, Y2 - 3pm, Y3 - 3pm, Y4 - 3:15, Y5 - 3pm and Y6 - 3:15. Please don't arrive early as this just causes congestion
  4. If you are picking up more than one child from different year groups at the same gate, please come at 3:15 to collect both to reduce waiting time and congestion.

  5. Please avoid your child bringing unnecessary, large bags into school

Many thanks for your support - it is really appreciated by all of us at Lingfield.

 Julia Tappin


Please visit   Returning-to-primary-school-what-parents-need-to-know.pdf  for further information.

Wednesday 26th August

Dear Parents/Carers,

We hope you have had a lovely summer break and enjoyed yourselves outside. We also hope that you enjoyed the learning opportunities provided by our teachers to keep your child mentally active and interested. We are really looking forward to starting the new school year and feel very optimistic about having all of our children back in school to continue the excellent teaching and learning that we have developed over the last few years.

Now is the time to start preparing your child for their return to school next Thursday 3rd September. School is compulsory from this date and it will help if you start discussing what this will look like as a family over the next few days. Rest assured that our initial key priority will be for all the children to feel safe, secure and happy within our lovely school environment. We will do everything in our power to support any child who feels worried in any way. Mental health will be at the top of our agenda for the foreseeable future.

Here at Lingfield we have been working hard over the summer to ensure that we provide the safest environment possible for the children and staff. The key ideas below will hopefully help you in your preparations:

1. Start and end of the day

We have reconsidered our start and end times to try to minimise congestion around the building further. We are asking parents to wear face masks when waiting on the school site and to move off the premises quickly. Our teachers may also be wearing face masks at the beginning and end of the day and when they move out of their teaching bubbles. Our top priority is to maintain safety however no face masks will be worn by staff when teaching in bubbles. We will, of course, keep up to date with all the government’s latest guidance.

Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and 2 will drop children off at the main car park gate (Gate 3). A member of staff will be there to welcome your child. At collection time, it will be clearly signposted where you should stand within the school site to wait for your child and staff will be there to help you. We ask that you wear a face mask whilst waiting on school property and to maintain an appropriate distance by standing on the markers where provided. Exit is via the large gates on the playground (Gate 4), thus avoiding congestion around the main gate and creating a one way system.

Year 3 and 4 will drop children off at the new After School Club gates (Gate 1). A member of staff will be there to welcome your child. At collection time, we would like you to come up onto the area in front of the hall where your children will be dismissed to you. We ask you to wear a face mask when on school property and to maintain a distance from others.

Year 5 and 6 will drop children off at the new gated entrance by the small car park (Gate 2). A member of staff will be there to welcome your child. At collection time we would like you to come up to the waiting area in front of the small car park where your child will be dismissed to you. We ask you to wear a face mask when on school property and maintain a distance from others.

Please see the table below for timings for your child’s year group. If you have more than one child, please enter and exit via the correct year group gates. Please avoid arriving early or late and causing unnecessary congestion. We will keep these arrangements under review and may well change them as and when we need to. Please bear with us if there are teething problems.

Gate 1 – After school club gate

Gate 2 - Small car park gate

Gate 3 – Main car park gate

Gate 4 - Big playground gate








Drop off at gate 3


Pick up at Gate 3 and leave via gate 4




Drop off at gate 3


Pick up at Gate 3 and leave via gate 4 

Year 1


Drop off at gate 3


Pick up at gate 3 and leave via gate 4

Year 2

Drop off at gate 3


Pick up at gate 3 and leave via gate 4


Year 3

Drop off at gate 1


Pick up at gate 1


Year 4


Drop off at gate 1


Pick up at gate 1

Year 5

Drop off at gate 2


Pick up at gate 2


Year 6


Drop off at gate 2


Pick up at gate 2

2.  Hygiene

We have hand sanitisers at all entrances and will be teaching the children to wash their hands on entering school, before and after using the toilet and before and after break and lunch. Touchpoints will be cleaned in the middle of the day as well as a full clean at the end of each day. It would be very useful if you could teach your child the 20 second hand washing routine before they return to school although I know many of you have already done this.

3.  Social distancing

Children will learn in their own classroom with a consistent team of staff. This will be their bubble whilst inside the building. Children will be provided with their own pencil case and so will only need to bring in to school their water bottle, coat and book. These will be kept on their tables which will be facing the front. Collective worship will happen remotely for the whole school or in classrooms thus ensuring that large groups of children do not mix. Lunches will be delivered to classrooms rather than the dining hall for the same reason.

At break and lunchtime, the bubble will become a year group bubble with the same staff overseeing these times of the day. If children from the same year group but different classes are drawn together for a particular teaching support or intervention, this will be in the same location daily and will be cleaned down after use. Children from different bubbles will be taught to maintain a social distance.

4.  P.E

To avoid the difficulties surrounding changing into P.E kit, we ask that children attend school in their P.E kit on days when they have P.E lessons. This means: a white school or plain white tee-shirt, blue shorts or tracksuit, school sweat shirt and black trainers. You will be receiving further information from your class teacher about this.

Please inform school next Tuesday or Wednesday if you have been abroad recently.

These are challenging times however it is right that our children all return to school to continue their social and academic development. Some of our children have been out of school for far too long. We are really looking forward to having our Lingfield family back together again and are determined to make 2020-2021 a very positive and inspiring year.

Best wishes,

Julia Tappin & Cassie Puplett


21st July 2020

Dear Parent/Carer,

We have come to the end of a very different school year.


I would like to say farewell to our wonderful Year 6 who have led us so well this year until coronavirus cut their year short. Our Year 6 represent what our school is all about: kindness, respect and trying your personal best even when things are tough (as they have been recently).

At our Zoom farewell assemblies on Monday, Lily-Anne said:

“I’d like to say thank you to everyone in the school, teachers, T.As and students. You have all made my first step in life the best it could ever have been. I’ve fallen and been helped, cried and made happy all because of your generosity which I will value and treasure for the rest of my life. Thank you for that. I will miss you all and your kindness!”

Every member of our Year 6 upholds our Lingfield values and we are going to miss them enormously. Good luck Year 6!

I would also like to say farewell to Mrs Harris (Nursery) and Mrs Streat (Reception) who are moving on to new challenges. Thank you for your work as part of the Lingfield Team – we will miss you!


The Governing Body and I have worked together to secure a co-headship model for Lingfield Primary School for the future to ensure that our school carries on its great trajectory and continues to go from strength to strength. Congratulations to Mrs Puplett, who successfully completed the interview process and will now work in partnership with me to drive our school ever forward. Mrs Puplett will work in school on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and I will be in the building on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. This enables us to make the most of Mrs Puplett’s skill- set and also means that I can continue to support other schools and our teacher training programme.

I would also like to say congratulations to Mrs Gilbert and Miss Grobbelaar who have successfully gained Qualified Teacher Status with us over the past year. Mrs Gilbert will be teaching with us next year in Year 5 and congratulations to Miss Grobbelaar who secured a teaching position at Langshott Primary School Next year.

Thank You

Thank you to all our parents for your kind words of support and appreciation. I feel very proud of our response to the Covid crisis and it has been a great encouragement over the weeks and months to have your words of support. Heartfelt thanks go to my wonderful team here at Lingifeld who have gone above and beyond in their support – both emotional and educational – of our children. They have worked relentlessly to ensure that the high expectation Lingfield culture has survived- indeed thrived- under very difficult conditions.

Summer Learning

We are providing a wonderful resource sheet to help you with your child’s learning over the summer. You will find really creative, useful ideas to keep your child on track for September, together with reading ideas.  Please try to get your child enjoying some good books over the summer. This, more than anything else, will help them on their return (and will hopefully be an enjoyable hobby.)

September Arrangements

Our aim is to continue the very positive set-up developed during partial reopening when everyone returns in September. Schooling in September is compulsory not optional.

From September, classrooms of 30 will be the new “bubbles” so children will be taught in class bubbles by a team of teachers and T.As that stays within a phase group. Tables will face the same way to avoid cross-contamination of coughs and sneezes and there will be frequent, supervised hand washing and cleaning of touch points across the school. Breaks and lunchtimes will be spent in year groups, limiting cross-over with other year groups across the school. Lunches will be brought to classrooms and we will not be using the dining hall to start off the new school year.

Before and After School Club will be divided into smaller cohorts with consistent staffing and use of rooms and resources. We ask that personal belongings brought into school are kept to a minimum, with just a water bottle and a reading book initially.

Please study the new drop off arrangements for September. Members of staff will be available at gates to help you. Times and entrances will have changed for your child so please adhere to these as reducing congestion around school and maintaining social distancing is one of the key ways we can keep people safe.

Staggered Starts/Ends of the Day


Arrival/Dismissal Times



Drop off: 8:30

Collect: 3pm

Large Car Park Gate



Drop off: 8:45

Collect: 3:15

Large Car Park Gate Entrance


Drop off: 8:30

Collect: 3pm

After School Club Gate Entrance



Drop off: 8:45

Collect 3:15

Path Parallel to Small Carpark Gate Entrance


Good luck over the summer and very best wishes.

Julia Tappin


1st July 2020

Dear Parent/Carer,

Please find below the arrangements for the last three days of term. In order to maintain maximum group size of 15 and social distancing, it will necessitate some coming and going by parents; I apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused. I also ask that you note your child’s start and finish times and entrances and stick to these closely so that we can avoid bottlenecks around school. Entrances for your child may well change between the Monday and the Tuesday when they come into their new year groups. Please see the table below. Thank you for your support of these arrangements.

Attached you will find a chart showing your child’s new class teacher and whether they will be in a morning or an afternoon group for attendance on the 20th and 21st  July. Classes have been split alphabetically to create groups of 15 – please check the chart to see if your child is in a morning or an afternoon group. School attendance is not compulsory before September however I do recommend it so that your child feels relaxed and confident about their new school year.

Arrangements for End of Term:

Friday 17th July:

School closes for existing bubble provision, key worker provision and remote learning.

Monday 20th July - Farewell Day:

All children have the opportunity to come into school in bubbles of 15 to say farewell to their existing class teachers either in the morning or the afternoon.

Tuesday 21st July – Welcome Day (No Year 6):

All children have the opportunity to come into school in bubbles of 15 to meet their new class teachers, familiarise themselves with their classrooms and learn about their holiday learning. Children will enter and exit the school via their new year group entrance.


  1. Please follow social distancing markers, wait at the gates and stick to one parent bringing in each child. No parents will be allowed on site.
  2. Parents with more than one child will need to walk round to the appropriate gates for their children’s year groups. Staff will be at all entrances to guide you and to ensure that all children feel welcomed and secure.
  3. All parents should maintain a social distance around Vicarage Road.
  4. Children will only need school uniform and a water bottle on these days. Please do not worry if your child has grown out of uniform – just do what you can.

 The arrival/dismissal times and locations for these two days are as follows:



Arrival/Dismissal Times

Group A
A.M Groups

Group B

P.M Groups


Drop off:


Collect: 10:45

Drop off:


Collect: 11:00

Drop off:


Collect: 2:45

Drop off:


Collect: 3pm


Nursery (Blue 2) & Reception

Large Car Park Gate Entrance


Large Car Park Gate Entrance



Year 1 & 2


Large Car Park Gate Entrance


Large Car Park Gate Entrance


Year 3 & 4

After School Club Gate Entrance


After School Club Gate Entrance



Year 5 & 6


Path Parallel to Small Carpark Gate Entrance


Path Parallel to Small Carpark Gate Entrance


 Wednesday 22nd July – Farewell Year 6 Day: (Just Year 6)

Miss Bryant’s bubbles will enter via the large car park entrance and Miss Handscomb’s via the path next to the small car park and proceed to the field from 9:45-10:00am. No school uniform is required for this occasion. The children will be given a mid-morning snack and drink however we will, unfortunately, not be able to facilitate shirt signing this year. Pick up will be from the same entrances at 11am unless you give written permission for your child to go home on their own. (Unfortunately, we will have to cancel this event if it is raining.)

I do hope that all our arrangements result in our children feeling as though they have had closure on this school year and are looking forward to September – be it at Lingfield or, for our Year 6, at secondary school. We will be providing our children with knowledge organisers and holiday suggestions to help them to maintain the gains over the summer. This year, more than ever, it is important that children carry out these activities to enable them to have a good start to their new school year.

Yours faithfully,





Wednesday 17th June

Dear Parent/Carer,

I hope that you and your family continue to be well and are managing during this difficult time for everyone.

School update:

We now have our Early Years, Year 1, Key Worker and Year 6 bubbles up and running. In addition, we have just extended our provision, as advised by the government, to include some children from other year groups who have been unable to access Google Classroom and as such have had limited access to feedback from a teacher. These bubbles are functioning independently of each other across school and therefore limiting contact, as far as possible, with other children and adults. We are also maintaining our regular hygiene routine.

Our other main aim at Lingfield is to maintain really high standards of our online provision right though the rest of this term. That is why we have retained some of our teachers to work on-line, ensuring that those children not in school are getting the best possible experience. Make sure that your child looks at their personal feedback from the teacher when they start their workbook each morning. This will help them to improve and to learn from their mistakes.

For those receiving paper packs this fortnight, we have included a slip enabling you to arrange a 1-1 zoom meeting with your child’s teacher should they need some personal support. Please take us up on this. We are also conducting year group zoom meetings where teachers and pupils can interact, have fun and ask for advice. If there is anything additional you need, please ask.

Thank you so much for your very positive feedback both to teachers and to our school leaders when we have made our telephone calls to you. I am so pleased that our Lingfield community has felt supported through this situation. As the term progresses, I know that it is getting harder to maintain the momentum of home learning. I was talking to a parent this morning about this issue and my advice was to open up the workbook each morning and talk through the learning with your child. If they are struggling to complete the work, or it is becoming a battle, negotiate which parts they will complete that day, ensuring that there is time for some of the fun activities and for reading for enjoyment and playing outside. Remember then to go back to the bits that have been missed from the previous day so that steps in the learning are not being omitted. It may be necessary to mix things up a bit and give children some breaks from routine to ensure their mental well-being remains positive. This is the most important thing. Just let your teacher know – they will completely understand and be able to help you if you are struggling.

My hope for September is that we will all be back at school as normal. We will do everything in our power to support our children both mentally and academically over the coming weeks, months and years.

Best wishes

Julia Tappin


Thursday 4th June

Dear Parents/Carers,


A big thank you from me and all the team here at Lingfield for making this week such a success.

Every single parent has been respectful of our social distancing, staggering measures to ensure that children enter and leave the building in a gradual way. Everyone has been using our 2 metre markings around the periphery of the building. All parents have managed to pick up/drop off at the correct times and always with a smile and a thank you. It is much appreciated by us all at Lingfield.

What a joy it was to see some of our Year 6 back this morning. Each bubble across the school was able to see each other in our Zoom assembly.  We are very sad that we cannot manage to have more of you on site. Unfortunately our risk assessment shows that we are currently at full capacity to ensure our health and safety, hygiene and social distancing measures are adhered to. I will keep you updated with any future developments from the government as to what the next stage might look like.

I do hope that our remote Google Classroom/paper-pack/Tapestry resource is still working for those of you at home. There is no doubt that it will become more difficult to motivate children at home the longer this goes on. My suggestion is to make it very focussed: some work then a break. It is really important that all our children continue with their education and, in particular, keep their reading skills and basic number manipulation going. If you need any good books or help do get in touch and we will do everything we can to support you.

I look forward to the time we are all together again.

Yours faithfully

Julia Tappin


2nd June 2020

Year 1 children to return (those who have signed up)

Dear Y1 parents whose children are coming in tomorrow:

Drop off: from big car park entrance from 9:00-9:15
Collection: from big car park entrance from 2:45-3:00.

Please adhere to one way and social distancing signs.

Many thanks
Julia Tappin


1st June 2020

Dear All

We had a very good first day back with our Early Years and Key Worker children today. Thank you to all parents and staff for paying heed to all the social distancing, entrance and exit notices etc. It was a really calm, well ordered day.

I anticipate that we will be able to continue with our plans for Year 1 starting on Wednesday. 

Many thanks

Julia Tappin



Dear Parent/Carer,

I can now confirm that, after our risk assessment with the governing body this morning, we will be starting our gradual reopening of school for children who have registered for a place from Monday 1st June.

We will be commencing our reopening with Nursery, Reception and Key Worker children who have requested a place. Currently we have no further capacity for other children from these year groups who may change their minds. Please contact the school office if you would like your child to be considered for a place in future weeks. If children drop out, we may then be able to accommodate you. My previous letter gives details of staggered start times and entry points for the different year groups. For Nursery and Reception children entering from the main car park entrance, please follow the one way system – entry through the left hand pedestrian gate, exit through the right hand side. Please queue using the 2 metre markings.

I will be sending out more information regarding the proposed opening for Year 1 and Year 6 once I have assessed how the first increase goes on Monday. Please be prepared for delays or indeed postponement of opening of further year groups if the leadership and governing body of our school deem this to be in the best interests of our children and staff.

Staff for year groups are as follows:

Nursery: Mrs Woodhouse, Mrs Harris, Mrs Brecknell and Mrs Matthews

Reception: Mrs Isaac, Mrs Madden, Mrs Streat, Mrs Montgomery, Mrs Hodgson and Ms Palla

Year 1: Miss Allen, Mrs Peters, Mrs Griffiths, Miss Walton, Miss Wanstall, Mrs Mankelow, Miss Campbell, Mrs Holmwood, Mrs Tuvey, Mrs Rogers and Mrs Gibb

Key Workers:

Miss Ferguson, Miss Bunyan, Miss Cross, Miss Lancashire, Miss H Bunyan, Miss Grobbelaar, Mrs Gilbert, Mrs Jackson, Mrs Laine, Mrs Ferrar, Mrs Kenrick, Miss Knapman

Year 6:

Miss Bryant, Miss Handscomb, Mr Winter, Mrs Paisey, Mrs Masson, Mrs Musabelli, Mrs Niven

Staff for Remote Learning are as follows:

Nursery: Mrs Woodhouse

Reception: Mrs Madden, Mrs Isaac, and Mrs Jones

Year 1: Mrs Jones

Year 2: Mrs Peters and Mrs Hadleigh

Year 3: Miss Williams and Mrs Pirie

Year 4: Mr Hunt

Year 5: Mr Kenning and Mr Winter

Year 6: Miss Bryant and Miss Handscomb

We will be aligning our children’s on-site work and our remote home learning to ensure we provide the same opportunities for our home learners.

You will find attached annexes to our Health and Safety Policy and Behaviour Policies. For those children who will be returning next week, please go through these documents carefully with your child and make sure they understand the new rules within school. Teachers will be reiterating these points with the children when they return and ensuring that children understand how to stay safe within their own bubbles. Children will be escorted to the toilets to ensure correct hygiene habits and lunches will be brought to bubbles – the dining hall will not be used. Bubbles will have allocated areas on the playground and field that they are able to use to ensure there is no cross over. Teaching staff will remain in the same bubble.

It will be of utmost importance to your child and to the whole school community, that if your child, or someone within your household, exhibits symptoms that you do not come to school and stay at home until your child or family member has been tested and results returned. Everyone over the age of 5 is now eligible for a test. We will isolate anyone exhibiting symptoms in school and ask that you respond to our calls quickly if we ask you to pick up your child. If someone within our school community tests positive, then the whole of that bubble will be asked to self-isolate for 14 days. If any of our staff within a bubble are absent, we will risk assess if we can keep the bubble open. It may be necessary to close individual bubbles due to shortage of staff and I would ask for your understanding and patience if this situation arises. As social distancing is impossible with our younger children and very difficult even with our Year 6, our key safety procedures will involve keeping bubbles separate from each other (including staff) and ensuring rigorous hand washing and cleanliness around the building.

We have tried to think of every eventuality to minimise the risk and ensure the safety of both children and staff but cannot make any guarantees. If you are still unsure of anything, please contact our school office who will be very happy to help you. Please ensure that your emergency details are up-to-date so that we can get through to you straight away if we need to please contact the school office if your details need updating. If you have changed your mind and no longer want your child to attend school, please let us know today or tomorrow so we can adapt our staffing and bubbles accordingly (

Yours Faithfully,

Julia Tappin





Dear Parent/Carer,

As I explained last week, we are still anticipating opening for those children who have requested a place in our partial reopening from Monday 1st June.

Our current thinking is:

Key Worker group:

Arrangements to continue as they have been:

Drop off 8:45-9:00 Collection 3:00-3:15 from Breakfast Club entry point. Please arrive within your designated time slot with just one parent accompanying a child.


From Monday 1st June

Drop off: 8:30-8:45 Collection: 2:15-2:30 from the main car park entrance. There will be a one way pedestrian system around the car park. Please arrive within your designated time slot with just one parent accompanying a child.

Year 1: 

From Wednesday 3rd June (to be confirmed after assessments of the previous cohort)

Drop Off: 9:00-9:15 Collection: 2:45-3:00 from the main car park entrance. There will be a one way pedestrian system around the car park. Please arrive within your designated time slot with just one parent accompanying a child.

Year 6:

From Thursday 4th June (to be confirmed after assessments of the previous cohorts)

Drop off: 9:15-9:30 Collection: 2:45-3:00 from Breakfast Club entry point. Please arrive within your designated time slot with just one parent accompanying a child.

Please follow the social distancing markers that there are up around the school site. If you have children in more than one group, please follow the arrangements for the first drop off and collection times.

General Information

  • Children need to be in school uniform.
  • Children need to bring in their own pencil case (apart from Early Years) and a water bottle.
  • No book bags, P.E kit or other personal belongings should be brought into school.
  • Any returning medication can be dropped in boxes on arrival. Please make sure these are clearly labelled
  • The deadline for ordering a school lunch has now closed for week 1 so please ensure you provide your child with a packed lunch.

We recognise that these new arrangements may be challenging for your child after such a long absence from school. We suggest that if your child is upset on arrival the best thing for their well-being would be to take them home and try again the next day.

This is a constantly changing picture and we will keep you up to date with any further information to ensure the safe and happy return to school of your child.

Yours faithfully,

Julia Tappin


22nd May 2020

Dear Parent/Carer,

I thought that I would bring you up-to-date with the work that has been going on at school this week towards the reopening of parts of Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 from 1st June.

The leadership team and governing body have been working on a risk assessment and an annex to the Health and Safety Policy to ensure that we are as happy as possible with the arrangements for the partial reopening of school from 1st June. If by next Thursday 28th I am not happy that we have met all of our actions, then we will delay opening the school to more children. We will also delay opening if Surrey County Council advise us to do so or the government’s 5 tests have not been met. The scientific guidance around the safety of opening schools is being published today so hopefully this will add some more clarity to our decision making. I will communicate these outcomes to you by the end of next week.

Staggered starts and end times

If all goes to plan, our intention is to stagger our reopening to ensure that our beginning and end of the day routines work smoothly with social distancing for parents and staff in mind. Currently, we are thinking that Nursery and Reception families who have signed up to re-join school will be invited in on 1st June in addition to key worker children who have been using in-school provision for the past nine weeks. If this goes well, then Year 1 children who have signed up for a place will restart on  Wednesday 3rd June and Year 6 on Thursday 4th. Each group will have a different start time and end time so that we can stagger the number of people around the building and on Vicarage Road at any one time. It will be imperative that parents stick to staggered start and end times to ensure this system works. There will be social distancing yellow markers to show where parents should stand and wait: Early Years and Year 1 by the big playground and Key Workers and Year 6 though the Hall entrance used by Before and After School Club. I will let you know confirmed timings next week. Contact with school will be through phone or email. Face to face meetings will only be possible through pre-arranged appointments if absolutely necessary.

Class Bubbles

There will be 2 Nursery “bubbles”: first group Monday and Tuesday, second group Thursday and Friday, consisting of children who will be attending Reception next year. This will allow for a closure and deep clean of Nursery on a Wednesday before the second group come in.

In addition to Nursery, there will potentially be 2 Reception bubbles, 3 Year 1 bubbles, 3 key worker bubbles and 3 Year 6 bubbles. I will let you know your child’s new teacher and classroom base next week if you have applied to have your child in school. Currently we are at capacity with those that have applied for places and unable to take any more children on site – I will let you know if and when this situation changes.


In addition to the separation of small bubbles of children across the school, hygiene will be the other key way that safety is maintained. All workplaces will be cleaned down at the end of every day, tables before and after lunch and all touch points daily. Toilets and classrooms will be cleaned thoroughly daily.


We will have a reduced kitchen in action to maintain social distancing. As a result, we will only be providing one alternative and there will be no deli choice. Children’s lunches will be brought to their bubbles rather than children going to the dining hall. A cold option menu will be sent later today so you can inform the office whether your child would like school lunch or be bringing their own packed lunch. Children will need to stick to this option for the week. There will be no National Fruit Scheme so children will need to bring in their own fruit or vegetable if required.

School Day

Children will stay in their classroom bubbles and designated outdoor areas throughout the day, the aim being to minimise contact with other groups. Children will be escorted and supervised washing their hands at key points throughout the day as hygiene will be top priority. We would also ask that children bring in their own pencil cases and water bottles if possible as these will stay with them throughout the day to limit the sharing of resources. School uniform will be worn as usual and it is advised that this is washed at the end of the day.

Well-being and mental health will be top of the school agenda. Teaching teams will ensure all children feel safe and happy within their new environment and get them back into the routine of being in school. Learning will follow the same format as Goggle Classroom to ensure a parallel learning opportunity with children learning at home. A different teacher may now be leading up home learning if your child’s class teacher is working within school. These staff will get in touch with you to ensure you are well at home as well as at school.

I will be writing to you next week with more detail regarding whether the plans are likely to go ahead, new teachers, classrooms and staggered start and end times.

Yours faithfully,

Julia Tappin


13th May 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

As you will be aware, as part of the government’s next steps in managing the impact of coronavirus, they are proposing the opening of schools to Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 from 1st June if their 5 tests are reached by this time.

You will find the link to the government’s Guidance for Parents and Carers here so that you can read the information in detail if you so wish.

The main points are:

  • Schools will carry out risk assessments to minimise the risks associated with more children on site.
  • There will be a major focus on hygiene and cleaning of the building.
  • Children will be in smaller class sizes, not necessarily with their current class teacher.
  • To reduce mixing of these smaller classes, breaks, lunchtimes and possibly collection times will be staggered.
  • Children in these year groups are encouraged to attend school, but there will be no fines for non-attendance.
  • Current in school provision for key worker or vulnerable children outside of these year groups will continue.
  • Any families with an extremely clinically vulnerable family member should not attend school and gain further advice. (The detail concerning this is in the document.)
  • Children and staff with symptoms are eligible for testing. If a member of staff or child from a class group tests positive, the rest of the group will isolate.
  • Learning in school will be tailored firstly to meeting the mental health and well-being needs of the children. Assessments will then inform where additional support is required. In particular, children in Year 6 will be supported in their transition to secondary school.
  • Remote learning provision - Google Classroom - will be maintained for families who are still at home or choose not to send their children in to school.
  • School meals will be available but appropriate measures will be taken to minimise risk during the preparation and serving of food.
  • There may be changes to the start and end of the school day and wrap-around care provision will not be provided in the first instance.

As you can see, there is a great deal of preparatory work that needs doing to ensure that our provision at Lingfield is as safe as possible and to ensure the well-being of our children and staff. The first thing we need to know is rough numbers of children likely to be on site. When we know this, we can drill down into our risk assessments, staffing and on-site planning

To help us do the best job and plan appropriately, it would be very helpful to know how many children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 will be returning to school on 1st June.

Please use your SIMS (events) account and choose one of the two options available:

I intend on sending my child back to school when it reopens.


I do not intend on sending my child back to school when it reopens.

Please select your response by midday on Friday 15th May. This then gives us two weeks to get our school ready for return. Obviously, it may be that in the future weeks, families change their minds but this will give us a good starting figure to work with.

(When we have an idea of numbers for these year groups, we may then approach Nursery families due to transition to Reception in September, if we believe we can manage the numbers.)

I understand that there are many conflicting feelings around the re-opening of schools both for families and staff. The leadership team at Lingfield are here to talk if you should require any help or support. Just pick up the phone or email.

With very best wishes to you and your family.

Yours faithfully,

Julia Tappin