Year 4 Home Pack

Year 4 Home Pack

If you do not have a printer, then please complete the work on any paper you do have. Just put the title of the worksheet on the top and then write the answers underneath.

We can be contacted via email if you have any questions about the work below:

Suggested Daily activities:


  • TT Rockstars. We are focusing on our 6,7& 9 times tables. Remember that you should also be recapping your 3, 4 & 8 times tables from last year to make sure you are confident.

Why not push yourself to try a 3 star challenge


 Spelling & Grammar:

  • Try to solve one of these mysteries


  • Visit and write a description about the picture. Try to include a fronted adverbial (e.g In the distance, …., co-ordinating conjunctions (e.g for, yet, so, but) and sub-ordinating conjunctions (e.g when, although, until, if)
  • Or write a journal as if you were a Stone Age Boy/Girl include hunting ,gathering, making fires , creating weapons etc.


  • See context homework sheet for some ideas of things you can make and do


Make sure you’re keeping active too. Why not try some of these ideas?


Have a try practicing vocabulary you have learned already or chose something new to learn. If you haven’t got your login, email me and I can send it to you!