Year 6 Home Pack

Year 6 Home Pack

If you do not have a printer, then please complete the work on any paper you do have. Just put the title of the worksheet on the top and then write the answers underneath.

We can be contacted via email if you have any questions about the work below.

Suggested daily activities:


  • TT Rockstars. You must know your all your times tables. Can you challenge any other children? Can you compete in Battle of the Bands?
  • Play some of the games on the following website:
  • Download and have a go at the following activities:


  • Read for 15 minutes+ a day. This could be anything: a chapter book; recipe book; magazine; or instruction manual! Get someone to ask you some questions about the text. Time yourself reading and see if you can get faster.
  • Download, read and answer questions about the texts:

Spelling and Grammar

  • Look at the year 5/6 Common Exception words and practise the spellings by: Look, Cover, Write, Check; writing sentences; or using bubble writing. Be creative with the different ways!

  • Download  and have a go at the following activities:


  • Visit and write a text about a picture. This could be a newspaper article, description, letter, diary entry, balanced argument or a poem. Try to include some year 6 targets such as:
  • Using a range of punctuation . ! ? : ; () , - “” ‘
  • Use a range of clauses (main, relative and subordinate)
  • First/third person
  • Different tenses
  • Cohesion (linking paragraphs together and within paragraphs)
  • Taking on the ‘author’s voice’ – how would they be writing the text?
  • You can download some writing checklists to help you with particular text types:

  • For some others ideas to inspire writing, try these:


  • See context homework table and complete as many as you can! Feel free to do additional research as well.

Physical Activity

See the following websites for some active or mindfulness videos:



Have a try practicing vocabulary you have learned already or chose something new to learn. If you haven’t got your login, email me and I can send it to you!